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Massachusetts Lemon Law


Vehicle coverage period is within one year from the original delivery date, within 15,000 miles of use (whichever occurs first). Massachusetts Lemon Law also covers vehicles that are resold during the term 1 year or 15,000 miles of protection.

Massachusetts Lemon Law also covers used cars: both dealer sales and private party sales. The state defines used vehicles as any used car, van, truck or demonstration vehicle that:

  • is sold by a Massachusetts dealer or private party
  • costs at least $700 (dealer sales only)
  • OR
  • has under 125,000 miles on the odometer at time of sale (dealer sales only)

  • Requirements of the law:

  • Must allow the manufacturer at least three repair attempts or bring the vehicle in for repair for a total of 15 business days

  • Consumer must officially notify the manufacturer of one final attempt to repair the vehicle. By law, the manufacturer has 7 days to comply.

  • If the manufacturer does not respond to your final request or if the manufacturer tries to repair the vehicle and fails, give our firm a call immediately at (855) 432-8475 for free legal representation. You may be entitled to a refund or a replacement from the manufacturer.

    Vehicles Covered:
  • New cars
  • Used Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Leased Cars (those leased after July 1, 1997)

  • Massachusetts Lemon Law does not cover motor homes, off-road vehicles and vehicles registered for commercial use.

    Although Massachusetts Lemon Law does not provide fee-shifting provisions for free legal representation as in other states, we will employ additional state and federal statutes which do provide 100% cost-free legal help. Consumers will not be charged any fees, win or lose.

    Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law

    If your purchased vehicle (new, used or leased) fails to pass inspection within the first seven days after purchase and the repairs exceed 10% of the purchase price, you have a right to cancel your purchase or lease agreement and demand for a refund. To be eligible, there are a few steps you must follow. Contact our firm for a free consultation.
    In order to be eligible for a refund under the Lemon Aid Law, the vehicle must be inspected and rejected by a licensed Massachusetts inspection station within seven days of purchase.

    Regardless of the age of the vehicle, if the problems occurred while the vehicle was under warranty and the manufacturer failed the repair the defects in a reasonable amount of time, and the vehicle is not covered under the Massachusetts Lemon Law (or if you missed the filing cut off time period), you may still have a case under the federal consumer protection laws or other statutes:

    Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

    An Act that was designed to ensure that manufacturers of consumer products who offer a written warranty on that product comply and honor the terms of the warranty. The Act provides for a refund or free replacement of the defective product, including attorney fees and all associated costs.

    Uniform Commercial Code

    The UCC has been enacted in all 50 states and some of the territories of the United States. It is the primary source of law in all contracts dealing with the sale of consumer products. The UCC does not specifically define a "lemon" and so the outcome of your case may vary depending upon the court decision, as well as your protection under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.