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Why You Should Use An Attorney

When to Seek Legal Assistance

Have you taken your vehicle to the dealership for repairs multiple times and the problem still exists? If you have, you may be driving a lemon. Save yourself the worthless headaches and get that lemon off your hands. A consumer has a right to file a civil action in a court of law if the vehicle's manufacturer refuses to offer a replacement vehicle or a refund. You should seek legal help sooner rather than later if you suspect you are driving a lemon and:

    a)  are seeking a replacement vehicle or refund, and
    b)  believe the manufacturer should pay your associated expenses, including attorney's fees

Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

We Know the Law

The lemon law can often be intricate and convoluted depending on the claim. Attempting to independently research your rights and send threatening letters will most likely end up with more disappointment and stress than what it's worth. Our firm has actually received a few calls from consumers who opted to take this route and ended up accepting a mediocre offer and signing a release which they regretted later. The problems with their vehicles recurred and since they signed the release, they were unable to bring a lawsuit forward.

Frederick Davis has dedicated years of his legal career to the mastery and administration of the lemon law and is a Certified Civil Trial attorney working for the people, the only full-time lemon law attorney who has earned honorable distinction in the state of New Jersey. He has also won lemon law with proven results, serving consumers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and Texas. (See recent results) With years of experience under his belt having handled more than 1,000 lemon law and breach of warranty claims, he has become familiar with the tactics of some of the toughest attorneys who represent the "big" manufacturers going up against them with successful results for his clients.

We Will Fight Aggessively on Your Behalf

Auto manufacturers and their legal representatives are skilled negotiators.This requires someone just as experienced working for you; one who is familiar with today's statutes, the lemon law and negotiating process and knows the many loopholes of the law that a majority of consumers are unfamiliar with. If you choose to represent yourself, it will cost the manufacturer less to drag it out than if the consumer hired an attorney, therefore more often than not, will try to get the consumer to settle for less for the bare minimum. If the consumer has an experienced lemon law attorney on their side, it will cost the manufacturer more just to defend the lawsuit since they have to get their legal team involved. To minimize their risk and keep their legal costs down, they usually will come up with a more attractive settlement for the consumer.

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